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Reclaimed Assorted Large Timber Barrels

Reclaimed Assorted Large Timber Barrels



Cask barrels are a timeless feature, a statement piece of reclamation and a spark of instant nostalgia. The barrels we have in stock are aged, gently weathered and ideal for a multitude of uses and projects.

Old whisky (or 'whiskey' for the Irish and American distilleries), scotch, wine and brandy barrels/kegs such as these are typically re-purposed into tables and decorative pieces for gardens, patios and other outdoor spaces. This is not only because of their durability and practicality, but their historical and traditional attractiveness as a visual feature in any environment. The list of uses for a reclaimed barrel is endless, they can be used as seating as well as tables, or be cut into half barrel planters, tubs/Jacuzzis, water features or used as water butts.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width at waist: 66cm diameter
Width at neck: 53.5cm diameter
Height: 89cm

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A range of large barrels from a variety of sources available. Vintage and reclaimed barrels such as these are a timeless ornamental piece and make for brilliant planters, tables, water features or as indoor furniture in themselves.