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Vintage GEC Galvanised Steriliser (Ice Bucket or Planter)

Vintage GEC Galvanised Steriliser (Ice Bucket or Planter)


ITEM CODE: W0319B011

The wonderful patina on this vintage GEC galvanised steriliser (ice bucket or planter) is divine! The riveted badge plate with its etched logo and lettering is the finishing touch to this industrial gem that is ripe for repurposing. Long and low, with a stylish twin handled lid and a pull out tray it would make a fine ice bucket in which to lay your favourite bubbly with several glasses waiting on the tray! Alternatively its all-weather finish would make this a fine planter indoors or out in the garden. What was once a central divider (inside) has bowed and no longer fits correctly.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 69.5cm
Height: 60cm
Width: 27cm

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