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Vintage Light Blue and Yellow Triang Rapide Scooter

Vintage Light Blue and Yellow Triang Rapide Scooter


A jolly little children’s favourite - this vintage light blue and yellow Triang Rapide scooter is a lovely piece of nostalgia from the streets of 1960’s Britain. Lemon Yellow wheels and a bright blue frame make this a real bobby-dazzler! First produced in 1969 this push along pavement scooter has all rubber 10” wheels, colourful handle grips, an integral flip-down stand and a handy little heel brake to pull you up or prevent roll-away on a hill. A great display item for a shop or store - or could be used to place a few flower pots on as a garden feature?

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 90cm
Height: 86cm
Depth: 37cm

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