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Pathescope 'Son' Vintage Film Projector

Pathescope 'Son' Vintage Film Projector



A fine example of a Pathescope SON 9.5mm boxed vintage film projector. Complete with carry case which incorporates a sizable sound speaker. The curved arm onto which the film reels are mounted is easily unscrewed and reversed to allow it to fit into the case. There are two original drive belts, one is coil-steel - the other is rubber. Also included is a twin-core speaker cable and a mains power cable with two-pin extension - both are of a good length. The projector does not currently light or run when plugged in. There is a speaker blank and catches to close the case during transport. An evocative, highly styled period film projector that would have been used to show movies in schools, factories and at home. Would look great on display and may work with a little attention.

Approximate Dimensions: (of the case)
Width: 42cm
Height: 37cm
Length: 27cm

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