Salvaged 20ft Storage Shipping Container, Red

Salvaged 20ft Storage Shipping Container, Red

Code: RED20FT


Structurally sound but holes, dents and scratches to be expected, couple of holes in the back. Roof in good condition. For more information about this 20ft Storage Shipping Container, Red, please get in touch. Viewing before purchase recommended.

Shipping containers are a brilliant and environmentally conscious solution for secure storage and are a great alternative to building a shed or similar. With varying standardised sizes, the option of implementing a shipping container into a dedicated space is is fairly flexible and as they're non-permanent fixtures, planning permission is not required. With some work however, a shipping container can be re-purposed for other, more sophisticated applications such as an office or catering space. 

Converting into a self-contained/site office is one of the more popular refurbishments made to a shipping container. Once the container has been dry lined, with electrics and lighting installed, it makes for a secure, structurally sound and highly portable work-space. You also have the option to adjust the container further, cutting spaces for windows and additional doors should the need arise. 


Approximate External Dimensions:

Approx. Length - 20ft

Approx. Depth - 8ft

Approx. Height - 8ft

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