Gorgeous Heavy Gauge Antique Wrought Iron Strap Gate

Gorgeous Heavy Gauge Antique Wrought Iron Strap Gate

Code: W10A083


This is one of those rare pieces - a gem of architectural salvage. As you run your fingers over it you can see and hear the resonant hammering of white hot steel in some long forgotten blacksmiths as it was forged and sculpted into life.

Hand made, this gorgeous heavy gauge antique wrought iron strap gate has stylised fleur-de-lys finials, stirrup handles operating a drop-latch and a fully bolted construction for strength. With a hint of Gothic styling and a formidable appearance, this gate will impress and protect in equal measure.

Iron strapping is 1cm thick, doubled up in places and the bolts its constructed from are 4.5 in length overall.

The hinge holes are approximately 1" diameter internally.

From the bottom edge of the lower and upper hinge is 121cm

The Width includes the hinges but excludes the latch nose and single protruding arm of the last finial.

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Approximate Dimensions :
Width: 130

Height: 149.5

Thickness: 1

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