Salvaged Working Large Avery Scales from a Factory or Post Office

Salvaged Working Large Avery Scales from a Factory or Post Office

Code: W10A084


Step onto this impressive weighing machine and all will be revealed! A salvaged working large Avery scales from a factory or post office perhaps?

Avery was founded in Digbeth, Birmingham, in the mid 1700's. It grew to become a specialist in the manufacture of weighing machines whose reputation was second to none in all realms of life. They made attractive domestic cooking scales, shop scales for measuring out produce, machines to help sort the mail and even larger scales to form part of the logistics and handling facilities of freight and shipping companies.

In the late 20th century many scales changed over to digital and load cell technology and by the 1990s Avery had transitioned completely away from analogue weighing systems.

This fine old weigh scales is bright red with a cast metal body, high precision counter-weight mechanism, a generous load platform and a huge easy to read dial marked in half-kilograms up to 250kg.

It appears to be functioning correctly and it appears that it can be calibrated using the sliding weights to the front?

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Approximate Dimensions :
Width: 75

Height: 188

Depth: 92

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