Set of Four Original Military Gun Carriage Wheels

Set of Four Original Military Gun Carriage Wheels

Code: W39B005


What a find! A matching set of four original military gun carriage wheels with bronze hubs and heavy iron rims. Each substantial wood wheel is constructed from seven interlocking arcs - each with a waisted spoke and steel fixing plate. These plates may have been for the attaching of caterpillar plates to prevent sinking into mud or snow? Though the two pairs of wheels are finished differently, they are the same right down to the casting marks on the hubs. Based on a proven medieval design that was still in evidence throughout WWI - it has bolted hubs (possibly to allow for repair in the field?) and strong iron rims. A fine set of wheels for the collector or enthusiast - or for that special wagon or carraige project that requires a unique build component. The spokes are in a gently ‘dished’ pattern.

The width shown refers to the rim and the Spindle hole in the centre of the hub is tapered from 3.4cm to 4cm

PLEASE NOTE - Not to be sold separately

Approximate Dimensions :
Diameter: 106

Width: 7

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