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Items on their wishlist: %0D%0A %0D%0A • Large Antique Mediteranean Style Olive or Wine Vase, Jar or Urn %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/rugged-vase%0D%0A • Reclaimed Red and Black Cast Iron Sprinkler Stop Valve Sign %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/reclaimed-red-and-black-cast-iron-sprinkler-stop-valve-sign%0D%0A • NEW model 'A' Tolix Style Stackable Pressed Metal Coloured Chair %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/stackable-coloured-metal-chairs%0D%0A • NEW handmade dark metal Bastille Chair, Cafe, Bistro or Counter Stool %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/dark-metal-stool-chair%0D%0A • Amazing NEW Handmade Small Burr Ash Wood Mirror with Integral Top Shelf %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/small-burr-wood-mirror%0D%0A • Beautiful NEW Handmade Large Burr Ash Wood Mirror with Integral Top Shelf %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/large-burr-wood-mirror%0D%0A • NEW Large White and Brown Vintage Style Wall Clock %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/brown-wall-clock%0D%0A • Lovely Old Cast Iron St Georges Road or Street Sign %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/lovely-old-cast-iron-st-georges-road-or-street-sign-1%0D%0A • Set of Four Salvaged Cast Iron Round Top Glazed Windows with Openers %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/set-of-four-cast-iron-round-top-windows-with-openers%0D%0A • Reclaimed Galvanised Double Ended Tin Bath with Stirrup Feet %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/galvanised-tin-bath-with-two-double-loop-feet%0D%0A • Fine Handmade American White Ash Table with Stylish Bottle Storage %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/american-white-ash-table-with-stylish-cubed-bottle-storage%0D%0A • New Large Organic White Painted Stick Heart Wall Display %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/shop-retail/new-large-organic-white-painted-stick-heart-wall-display%0D%0A
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