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Old Cast Iron Garden Roller with a Great British Heritage

Old Cast Iron Garden Roller with a Great British Heritage


ITEM CODE: W0319B008

A classic T Green and Son counterweight model 4608 old cast iron garden roller with a great british heritage. Founded in 1835, Thomas Green made trams, steam traction and fairground engines and road rollers. Early pioneers of the lawnmower - they held a royal warrant and were said to have made “British lawns the envy of the world”. This fine lawn roller is made from cast and wrought iron finished with scroll work to the handle and a (later) wooden handle. The split-drum makes it easier to turn whilst the counterweight makes it easier to push by always being just forward of the centre of gravity - clever stuff! Fully working and ready to carry on that great British tradition, it would also make a great feature or focal point in any town or country garden.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 59cm
Height (upright): 139cm
Roller (diameter): 50.5cm

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