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Old Green Metal Strap Traveling Case or Steamer Trunk

Old Green Metal Strap Traveling Case or Steamer Trunk


An old green metal strap traveling case is gently worn and carries the scars of many an expedition - yet its colour, style and finish make it a rather handsome honest piece. Made from thin wood or board covered in green linen, it has copious metal strapping to protect the edges - all secured with countless copper rivets. The corner protectors are either brass or brass plated - though they’ve long lost their luster. Strong leather stitched handles to either end make for a secure and easy lift and a neutral linen liner finishes the interior. The catches and lock engage perfectly but sadly there is no longer a key. The lid bears the the name Capt. Prothero who hailed from Southampton - the ideal place from which to start ones travels! Marks and scuffs throughout and there is an impact to the lid (see photos) that has cut into one of the straps.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 75cm
Height: 36cm
Depth: 50cm

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