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Troughs & Planters

Here is a small selection from our vast array of wooden, metal and stone troughs and planters. If you can't find what you are looking for please email us on as we have a much wider collection available here at the warehouse. 

Old Galvanised Feed or Water Trough or Planter

Old Galvanised Feed or Water Trough or Planter


ITEM CODE: W0419B002

A good sized practical old galvanised feed or water trough or planter. With a rounded rim, sturdy angle iron legs and stretchers and an appealing rounded bottom - this agricultural planter will support large shrubs as well as flowers. PLEASE NOTE: the plants shown in the photos are NOT included in the price - but can be purchased with the trough for an instant display!

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 93cm
Height: 52cm
Depth (front to back): 63cm

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