Used and Second-Hand Welsh Slate Roofing Tiles

Used and Second-Hand Welsh Slate Roofing Tiles

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We're certainly in the right area of the country to offer traditional and authentic used and second-hand Welsh slate roofing tiles. Slate has long been a popular choice for roofs due to its longevity and beauty as well as its resistance to fire, acids, alkalis and other chemicals. Slates from this region are typically either dark grey or purple-grey in colour and traditionally come in a variety of sizes shown in the table below. Most will have two or more fixing holes where copper or other nails where used to fix them to roof battens. It is not uncommon for quality welsh slate to be re-used more than once during its lifetime. Welsh slates are renown for their striations and riven faces that give the tiles a unique character and texture that is instantly recognisable and world renown. Slates that show heavy de-lamination (where the layers within the slate begin to split apart) may not be suitable for long-term roofing but are ideal as characterful place mats, chalk boards and for smaller garden and home projects.

Because we offer primarily reclaimed and salvaged period slate tiles - sizes shown are imperial (feet and inches).

Many of these wonderfully named slate sizes are now incredibly rare. To see the sizes we typically keep in stock see the 'choose a size' option lower on this page.

Traditionally, roof surfaces are measured in "squares." A square is an area of roof which measures 100 square feet.

Traditional Name
Imperial Sizes
Number of slates per M²
(per Square in brackets)
based on a 75mm overlap
26" x 16"

Princess (Wide Duchess)
24" x 14"
24" x 12"
12.5 (114)
Small Duchess
22" x 12"
13.6 (126)
22" x 11"
14.9 (138)
Broad (Wide) Countess
20" x 12"
15.2 (141)
20" x 10" / 20" X 9" / 18" X 12"
18.2 (170)
Small Countess (Wide Countess)
18" x 10"
20.6 (192)
18" x 9" / 16" X 12"
23.1 (213)
Wide Lady
16" x 10"
23.8 (221)
Broad Lady
16" x 9"
16" x 8"
29.8 (227)
Wide Header
14" x 12"
14" x 10"
28.2 (261)
Small Lady
14" x 8"
35.2 (327)
Narrow Lady
14" x 7"
Small Header
13" x 10"
12" x 6"

In reference to the above traditional slate names there is a lovely rhyme in Bradshaw's Journal of 1842 that says:

"By the strike of his hammer without the king's aid
A Lady or Countess or Duchess is made
Yet high is the station from which they are sent
And all their great titles are got by descent
And when they are seen in a palace or shop
Their rank they preserve and are still at the top"

If you're looking for used, second-hand, reclaimed and salvaged traditional welsh roofing slate - call us or use the form below.

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