Vintage Iron and Oak Slat Bench with Central Divide

Vintage Iron and Oak Slat Bench with Central Divide

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Perfect in so many ways, this vintage bus or tram station wrought iron bench is comfortable and well designed. Also found in public spaces, parks, promenades and piers, the simple iron bar construction includes a scroll arm rest at either end and one in the centre.

During the period, strangers (particularly those of the opposite sex) could be seen to share a bench as they awaited their transport or passed the time of day. Each half of the bench is cleverly wide enough for either a mother and child or a gentleman with his suitcase.

These benches also provide a full height back and a relatively high seat height for the perfect posture and comfort. This original bench, now with a new set of oak slats and repaired centre rear foot, will make a nostalgic centre-piece in any garden or courtyard.

The seat height is 43cm at the centre (dished seat design).

Approximate Dimensions :
Length: 162.5

Height: 93

Depth: 74

Seat Height: 43

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