Vintage Octagonal Brass and Glass Candle Lantern

Vintage Octagonal Brass and Glass Candle Lantern

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A beautiful hand crafted vintage octagonal brass and glass candle lantern with quatrefoil pattern decorative yellow glass inserts. The main body of the light comprises eight clear beveled glass panels. The lamp then tapers both top and bottom where punched brass fillets complete the elegant design. The light is suspended by three chains anchored to the rim of the gallery. These pass over small wheels set into the hanging plate and down through the inside of the lantern and affix to a candle dish at the bottom. The dish can be pulled downward on the chains to access the candle inside (see photos). One of the mild steel chain hooks (top) needs straightening and the inside of the glass is a little dirty. Ideal as a feature in a conservatory or any room with a tall enough ceiling!

Approximate Dimensions :
Width: 18.5

Height: 60

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