Vintage Salter's Class III Spring Balance Scales

Vintage Salter's Class III Spring Balance Scales

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Made by British company Salters in the mid 20th century - these superb vintage Salter’s Class III spring balance scales have a full brass face and iron pointer. The scale is marked off in 10 lb increments to a total of 336 lbs or 3 cwt (hundredweight) - ask your parents! The dial has its original assay stamp denoting King George VI. These pull scales are hung by the top hoop from a fixed point and the item(s) to be weighed are attached to the bottom hook. The weight of the object(s) will then move the pointer and the weight can be read on the dialThe Salters logo of a knotted rope is visible on the lower face. A fine decorators piece which is not currently calibrated.

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Approximate Dimensions :
Diameter: 22.5

Height: 51

Depth: 3.5

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