Bitumen Primer 2.5L

Bitumen Primer is a low viscosity bituminous primer for use on porous surfaces before remedial roof treatment, including pour and roll and torch-on fe...
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Black Bitumen Paint 2.5L

Black Bitumen Paint is a general purpose paint for waterproofing and the weather protecting of steelwork and concrete.Also available in larger tins.Te...
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Block and Paving Sealer 5L

Block and Paving Sealer provides effective protection of block pavers and masonry.Block and Paving Sealer provides a durable penetrative sealer to a w...
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Brick and Patio Cleaner 5L

Brick and Patio Cleaner is an acid based solution for high strength removal of cement and mortar stains from brick, tiles, earthenware and patios.Tech...
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Exterior Water Seal 5L

Exterior Water Seal is a clear high performing waterproof treatment for porous surfaces, ideal for use on porous surfaces such as brickwork, wood, sto...
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Grey Primer Aerosol 380ml

TIMCO grey primer is formulated to maximise the adhesion of finishing paints to metals and hard plastics. The corrosion resistant properties enhance t...
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