Carved Wooden Beam

Carved wooden beam, featuring a central boss and a number of small carvings, the reverse has a simple dental type detail.
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Architectural features are the embellishments that give our buildings character, style and individuality. Since we first slapped daub on wattle we've been making our homes more than simply a shelter. Such ornamenture, be it structural or cosmetic, reflects not only who we are but what we are - in an outward display of wealth, status, achievement and ability. It can be as subtle as carving on an oak beam or as lavish as a grand staircase in a stately home. Be it an architect's dream or a simple tin shed, our home is our castle and we have long adorned the parapets and sought to dazzle those who enter our hallowed halls.

We have always decorated our homes, our places of work and worship and our civil and civic buildings. Carved wood, worked stone, stained glass and fine plaster have helped to define the devine beauty of the gothic period, the elegant formality of the Georgians, the oblique geometry of Art Deco and the enchanting liberty of Art Nouveau. Even throughout the 20th century with it's often brutal minimalism - there is beauty in the clean line and absence of expression.

Every element of architecture has been shaped by skilled hands and creative minds; floors, ornate ceilings, fine wall panelling and muntin walls. Stylish staircases, ornate pillars and columns, grand arches and door surrounds, porticos and fanlights. When these great cathedrals of man's achievements finally succumb to time and decay - we're here to save these irriplaceable fragments of our heritage. Loved by homeowners, shopfitters, interior designers, architects and civil engineers alike - for the culture, skill and imagination in every single piece...