Reclaim naturally covers every aspect of domestic, retail, commercial, agricultural and industrial life - after all, many of the things around us today will become reclaim themselves in the generations to come. Larger reclaim pieces often include those of an architectural or construction nature such as statues, stone windows and arches, grand windows, decorative brick and stone. These and other features come from chapels, churches, factories and civic buildings such as town halls, libraries and schools. Gates, gate posts and railings are always popular - as are carved stone corbels, staddle stones, steps and stairs. Whether Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco or Art Nouveau, each era has its own distinct style - all of which combines to paint a picture through the ages of our ever changing lifestyle. From the home of the poor or the rich, whether they toiled or studied - their floors, ceilings, furniture, transport and pastimes - there is a story to every piece and something for everyone...choose a category below to discover more!