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Items on their wishlist: %0D%0A %0D%0A • 19th Century Glazed Ceramic Doulton Troughs or Planters %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/19th-century-glazed-ceramic-doulton-troughs-or-planters%0D%0A • Assorted Vintage Watering Cans Some with Roses %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/assorted-vintage-watering-cans-some-with-roses%0D%0A • Authentic E Stephens 1940s British Hand Built Tandem Bicycle %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/authentic-e-stephens-1940s-british-hand-built-tandem-bicycle%0D%0A • Beautiful Hand Carved Tudor Frieze, Facade or Fascia Board %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/beautiful-hand-carved-tudor-frieze-facade-or-fascia-board%0D%0A • Fabulous Large Old Oolitic Limestone Staddle Stone %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/fabulous-large-old-oolitic-limestone-staddle-stone%0D%0A • Fabulous Vintage Wooden Replica Canon %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/fabulous-vintage-wooden-replica-canon%0D%0A • Fine Used Red Rayburn Nouvelle Cooker or Stove %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/fine-used-red-rayburn-nouvelle-cooker-or-stove%0D%0A • Gorgeous Old English Oak Plank and Ledge Door %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/gorgeous-old-english-oak-plank-and-ledge-door%0D%0A • Lady at the Well Composite Statue Water Feature %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/lady-at-the-well-composite-statue-water-feature%0D%0A • Large Baby or Calf Hand Made Metal Elephant Sculpture %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/large-baby-or-calf-hand-made-metal-elephant-sculpture%0D%0A • Large Hand Made Metal Adult or Bull Elephant Sculpture %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/large-hand-made-metal-adult-or-bull-elephant-sculpture%0D%0A • Large Red Vintage Metal Painted Letter W %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/new-arrivals/large-red-vintage-metal-painted-letter-w%0D%0A
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Architectural and decorative salvage pieces arrive at Warehouse701 on a daily basis. Each one is fully assessed before being filmed in our in-house studio. We bring you the highest definition images filmed in daylight conditions, combined with the most comprehensive descriptions, measurements and reviews so you can buy online with confidence. Pieces are shown in all major currencies and dimensions can be displayed in both metric and imperial.