Grand Hand-Carved Wood Armoire or Cupboard

Grand Hand-Carved Wood Armoire or Cupboard

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A striking storage cabinet with shelving, ornate iron door furniture and the most amazing sculpted detailing to the doors. This grand hand-carved wood armoire or cupboard with oriental background, made in the 20th century and a truly impressive piece of storage for the home. The decorative doors have been finished with stylised floral patterns, portcullis fluting and hammered point-work throughout. The sides of the cabinet have a hand-hewn finish similar to that achieved with an adze found in medieval timber work. The large chevron plank reverse is also visible inside where two deep shelves provide ample storage. The red and green colouring to the doors, though subtle, adds a hint of imperial riches to this fine piece.

Approximate Dimensions :
Width: 123

Height: 195

Depth: 49

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