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Items on their wishlist: %0D%0A %0D%0A • 701 Original Cream Painted Singer Sewing Machine Treadle Chair %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/701-original-cream-painted-singer-treadle-chair%0D%0A • 701 Original Industrial Base Highly Figured American Ash Table with Storage %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/701-original-cast-iron-and-american-ash-feature-table%0D%0A • Amazing NEW Handmade Small Burr Ash Wood Mirror with Integral Top Shelf %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/small-burr-wood-mirror%0D%0A • Beautiful NEW Handmade Large Burr Ash Wood Mirror with Integral Top Shelf %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/large-burr-wood-mirror%0D%0A • Fabulous Hand Carved Old Oak Green Man %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/fabulous-hand-carved-old-oak-green-man%0D%0A • Fine Handmade American White Ash Table with Stylish Bottle Storage %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/american-white-ash-table-with-stylish-cubed-bottle-storage%0D%0A • Hand-Made Spalted Beech Coffee Table %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/hand-made-spalted-beech-coffee-table%0D%0A • Hand-Made Spalted Beech Industrial Dining Table %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/hand-made-spalted-beech-industrial-dining-table%0D%0A • Handmade Chair with Authentic Singer Sewing Machine Treadle Frame %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/handmade-chair-with-authentic-signer-sewing-machine-treadle-frame%0D%0A • Impressive Hand Built Bed Made From Old Oak Gates %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/impressive-hand-built-bed-made-from-old-oak-gates%0D%0A • Impressive Reclaimed Cast Iron and Wood Shelf Unit %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/impressive-reclaimed-cast-iron-and-wood-shelf-unit%0D%0A • Impressive and Unique Large Cast Iron and Cedar Table %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/homewares-1/impressive-and-unique-large-cast-iron-and-cedar-table%0D%0A
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For those who love our heritage, it's always exciting to witness the re-discovery of rare and unusual items that would otherwise be lost forever. The transformation of forgotten, abandoned and discarded treasures into beautiful and practical pieces that enhance your home and lifestyle. The finest character Oak, Elm and pitch pine combined with unique and stylish iron castings, creative design and the skill of the craftsman. Stunning tables and amazing shelving, impressive beds, wall panels and hand carved figures - every one is unique and everyone a 701 original.