Salvaged Original WW1 munitions factory Pine Roof Boards / Floorboards

Salvaged Original WW1 munitions factory Pine Roof Boards / Floorboards



Stunning Early 20th century heavy gauge timber plank like this is a real find! We've a substantial quantity of this salvaged original WW1 munitions factory pine roof boards / floorboards that is ideal for furniture making, flooring, wall cladding and fitting out shop and retail interiors. At 1" thick these boards are substantial and though originally roof boards - they would be equally at home used as flooring. The average width is 6" though there are 7" and even 8" boards amongst them. The lengths vary, some as short as 1.5 metres but there are quantities upto 4 metres which will span many modern rooms with a single board. This is heavy resinous quality pine board of the period. Not quite pitch pine - but not far off! Can be used as supplied (dark and rough sawn) or, as per the photos, could be sanded, oiled or waxed for a wonderfully mellow finish.

Please note these boards are reclaimed and will contain old nails hole, scars, scuffs and small splits. The timber is stored externally and will require drying before use - alternatively ask about us force-drying them in our wood kilns...

PLEASE NOTE: The accompanying photos show boards sanded and waxed/oiled for reference only. They are supplied as dark rough-sawn boards (see third photo).

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