Vintage Double Door Multi Drawer Foundry Lettering Cabinet

Vintage Double Door Multi Drawer Foundry Lettering Cabinet

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A fine double door vintage wooden cabinet, originally with fifty six drawers containing a myriad of metal lettering in all shapes and sizes used in the day to day work of a British steel foundry.

Made predominantly from pine, the two panelled doors open to reveal fourteen rows of equally sized drawers - each with a simple wedge pull handle. Sadly three of the drawers are missing but their humble construction means replacements could easily be made. There is a lock and key, however the latter is bent and so cannot be tested.

Such cabinets are ideal for enthusiasts, collectors, hobbyists or a home business - be it in textiles, modelling, metalwork, curating or a cottage industry! A great place to bring together and organise all your nik-naks, bits and bobs, tools, fittings and so much more.

A beautifully timeworn piece of British industrial heritage furniture...

Approximate Dimensions :
Width: 74

Height: 98.5

Depth: 28

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