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Salvaged Vintage Burgundy Red and Brass Safe by B.Tebbit of Birmingham

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When it comes to "Keeping it under lock and key" - this salvaged vintage burgundy red and brass safe by B.Tebbit of Birmingham is a fine example of its kind. Early to late Victorian British safes manufactured in the West Midlands were recognised as the finest in the world. This was largely thanks to the competition and rivalry between the two leading makers of the day - Chubb and Tann. Tebbit is a name associated with safes in Birmingham but their nameplates also appear on bureaus and other furniture. The metal nameplate on the door reads "B.Tebbit Established 1823 Safe Depot. 24 Great Hampton Street Birmingham". There is a hand and scroll turn handle and beside it a slide escutcheon marked "secure". Inside there is a single steel drawer under a general storage space. The safe comes with both keys; the main door key and the lockable drawer key. The door locks with six cross bolts and the mechanism is contained within a sealed flash pan. The design and construction is similar to many typically fire-resistant safes of the period but this particular feature cannot be tested. Ideal as a working showpiece for your home, business, office, bar etc. The safe appears to be fully functioning but we cannot guarantee the safety of items kept within it.

Please note this is very heavy and would require two strong people and a sack-truck or similar to move it.

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Approximate Dimensions :
Width: 42.7

Height: 61.8

Depth: 42.5

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